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Greatly enhances the teaching and learning of music in school or at home
Effective multimedia teaching resource for the classroom
Comprehensive and wide-ranging music topics
Encompasses listening activities, rhythmic exercises, notation, composers, musical instruments, keyboard lessons, recorder lessons, songs, composition activities and more
Colorful and engaging graphics and animation
Friendly interface that enables effective planning and execution of lessons
Enables school-home learning continuity


Musical Note

Midisaurus Music is available in 2 subscription types: Teacher subscriber and Student subscriber.

You can experience the program with full features by signing up for a 60-day free trial. Thereafter, you can choose to continue as a subscriber via the Account/Subscription Renewal in the program menu.

Click here sign up for a free trial of Teacher Program.

Click here sign up for a free trial of Student Program.

Subscription fees:
Teacher subscriber - US$49 per year
Student subscriber - US$25 per year


London College of Music

London College of Music ( LCM ) Examinations, in collaboration with Midisaurus Music, is offering "LCM Preliminary Level Music Theory Examination" with online assessments for young beginners. London College of Music is a college of University of West London. It is currently the largest specialist music and performing arts institution in the UK.

Midisaurus Music subscribers gain instant access to beginner music theory topics and hundreds of assessment exercises online. Teachers can self-register their students online for "LCM Preliminary Level Music Theory Examination". The examinations are conducted online in school, in the comforts of a home-school, or in a private music studio. The examinations offer certifications by the University of West London.

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