LCM Examination - Registration, Rules and Regulations

LCM Examination

1. How does a Teacher subscriber register students for LCM Preliminary Level Music Theory Examination?
Your students must first sign up as Student subscribers. Please make sure the accounts (both Teacher and Student) have not expired. If your account has expired, renew your subscription immediately after log-in. Registration for examinations is done online through the Teacher account. Once you have registered your students for the examination, you will receive an email notification.

2. Is there an age limit for the exam candidates?
No, there is no age limit for taking the LCM Preliminary Level Music Theory Examinations. The examination is for beginners of all ages.

3. When can my students take the examination?
Once exam registration is done, the actual examination can be conducted any day, any time, in teacher's own private studio, or in school. These are the steps: 1) Register students for the examination online via the Teacher account. If you have not done so, log-in to Teacher account and go to Exam Registration. 2) Activate the invigilator status under Teacher: Account / View / Edit My Profile. This is to ensure teacher can be the invigilator for the online examination. 3) Make sure students have sufficiently prepared for the test, using the LCM mock tests available online. 4) Make sure the Student(s) subscription has not expired. If the student account has expired or will expire before the exam date, please extend the subscription before expiry.

4. Who will be the exam invigilator?
Teacher can act as the exam invigilator during the examination. To be an invigilator, teacher is required to activate the invigilator status via Teacher: Account / View / Edit My Profile. The invigilator's roles are: 1) Sign-in students for the examinations. 2) Verify and ensure student's name and birth date are entered correctly, as this information is required for the exam registry and certificate printing. 3) Ensure exam is conducted properly in an appropriate environment, without cheating.

5. What about the venues of the examination?
The online examinations can be conducted in a teacher's own private studio, or in a school, with the presence of teacher as the invigilator. The physical environment should be quiet, with as little interference to the candidates as possible. The PC station to be used for the examination must be equipped with a stable broadband Internet connection. You are advised to test the hardware settings and Internet connection before the examination is conducted.

6. What should my student bring on the day of the examination?
On the day of the examination, students should bring their identification documents for verification by the teacher. This is to ensure the name and birth date are entered correctly, as this information is required for the exam registry and certificate printing.

7. When will my student receive the examination results?
The exam results will be posted on the student's online account within 30 days after the online examination is taken. Student can check the LCM exam status online after log-in. All printed certificates will be mailed to the teacher. Teacher should receive the certificates by mail within 60 days after the examination.

8. Is the grade attained indicated on the certificate?
Yes, the grade attained (Pass / Merit / Distinction) is indicated on the certificate. The grade attained for each candidate is also recorded in the LCM exam registry. All certificates are printed and issued by the London College of Music (LCM) Examinations under the University of West London (UWL).


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